Week 2 in Romania (December 3-December 9, 2013)

Hello all!!!! Sorry this is going to be very short. Sorry to everyone who I didn't get to email this week. I feel so loved thank you thank you thank you!!!  I wil try to catch everyone next week! I am Chişinău right now, which is in the country of Moldova. I got here yesterday morning for a Christmas zone conference which was so much fun!

Official Church sign written in Russian--spoken by many Moldovians

 President Hiill dressed up like Tevye from fiddler on the roof and sang "If I were a rich man" it was pretty much the best thing ever hahah.

 My companian and I taught a presentation for it, and we acted out a skit where we blew out of proportion the difference between seasoned missionaries and the "greenies" here. Yes I am one of those greenies.

  The power randomly turned off for half of it, which is a normal occurence here apparently, so we sang Christmas hymns in Romanian and Russian for a while. Some members made us this huge Christmas feast with all these Romanian/Russian specialties. SO good!!!

 Since that took all day yesterday, we are having our p-day on Tuesday here in Moldova. Sorry this keyboard is in Russian and Romanian so I'm having some difficulty typing.  We went bowling in a casino. Yes. This mission has been a first for almost everything hahah.

Birds!!!! I hate them!!! There are so many animals EVERYWHERE all the time. Sora Kelly and I just jump on each other and run away (we both are NOT animal people.) There are stray dogs and cats that scare me daily. 

I've had some crazy experiences this week! Crazy!! I'm still getting sick almost everyday but I continue to trudge on. I had my first experience in a public bathroom in Moldova yesterday. Honestly the most horrifying experience of my life thus yet. I will be forever scarred. Basically I had to go underground in what looked like a sewer, pay for toilet paper, and the "stalls" were holes in the ground. Meanwhile, I'm in tights and a dress. And people are shouting at me in Russian and Romanian. I won't continue, but it was pretty horrifying.

The state of living is astonishing here in Romania and Moldova. Most people live in falling apart shacks on the side of the road while orphans roam the streets begging for food and money. It breaks my heart. It makes me so grateful for EVERYTHING in my life. I am so blessed beyond comprehension. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be here and to help the people that are in such dire need of it! They need the hope and light that only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring! I have such a testimony of Jesus Christ. I know that He is always there for each one of us.

Our English classes start this week so I'm really excited to start teaching those. Again, I'm sorry that I didn't get to answer everyone's emails this week. I will really try to answer them all next Monday!! I love you all!!
Yours Truly, 
Sora Hovey
 More pics:

The Elders made us dinner on Sunday night!

Four investigators came to Relief Society Activity last week!

My awesome companion
 These are of Iaşi, where I live

Note from mom:  I think these pictures are of the apartment where the missionaries live, but there is an official church sign by the door, so it may (also) be where the Iaşi Branch meets.