Week 5 at MTC

HEY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

I have my travel plans!!!!!! I'm leaving on Monday at 4:30 AM :/ I'm sorry I really have no idea when I'm going to be calling. It might be from Utah before our 8 am flight (So sometime before 10 your time.) Or in JFK (SO between 2 and 5.) Sorry sorry sorry I really don't know when I'll get a chance. Little did I know that I have to pay $100 for the second bag to Europe!! Gah!!! But we're flying Delta the whole way. SLC to JFK to Amsterdam, Netherlands then to Bucharest, Romania!!!! It's about a 22 hour trip and we're getting there the next day. Apparently the first day will be really crazy because we have to get our visas and stuff (involving a doctors check up and other things) before we can even go to the mission home. I am WICKED EXCITED but also pretty freaked out not gonna lie hahah.

Romanian flag
I got to see Andrew today at the temple!!!!! It was such a nice surprise!!!! I hope I get to see him some other times in the next 5 days that I'm here. He seems to be doing just fine. It was so great to see Brenda and Tom too!! It's been forever. She gave me a mummas hug from you Mom :) 
Saw Andrew at the temple!!!!!!! And Brenda and Tom!!!! Happy day!!!
The Hoveys and Armitages do a session together!
Thanks again for all the dear elders. Sorry if I forget to answer some of your questions but it's hard to keep track hahaha. As far as what I want in a package from home.....well I can think of a few things but I honestly couldn't tell you where/what box they are in so it really isn't a big deal. I really don't need a Christmas package. Anything I need I can get in Romania!!! It's totally okay :) Just send me your love, that's all I need! Seriously. Special thank you's to Mariah, Phoebe and Grace!!! I LOVED your letters. I read excerpts to my companions and they said it's very evident how much I love my siblings. And it's true!!! Hopefully I'll find a chance to reply before I leave on Mon. If anyone sent me a dear elder today, thank you but I haven't gotten it yet so I haven't forgotten about you :) 

Let's think of some funny stories....OH!!! Okay 2 Elders in my class we're teaching someone about how we refrain from pornography. He accidentally said "Pornographie este distractiv" instead of "Pornographie este destructiv." The first meaning "fun" and the second meaning "destructive." Yeah. The guy couldn't stop laughing for like 10 minutes and neither could I when I heard the story. The worst I've done is called someone God by accident...which is up there in the funny ones. Dumnezeu (God) versus Dumneavoastra ( formal "you".) I actually did a lot in Gym this week! I ran a ton on the track and gave myself a ballet class which felt SO NICE. I miss ballet so much it's crazy!!! I stretch every day though!! I'm not gonna let myself go!! On Sunday at one of the meetings where all of the 2,000 plus missionaries are,we were sitting in front of the camera that was aimed on the speaker. The Elders bet me $80 to stick my face in it and I was SOOOOOO tempted. I literally almost did it and it would have been so funny and I would have been an MTC legend.......but in the end I figured it would be best not to. Oh well. I still have my pride and that's what matters right? lol......Um I guess that's about it this week. 840 missionaries came in today so it's pretty hectic. Some Romanian bound ones actually!! Which is pretty excting!! The language is still coming but I'm still gonna be struggling hardcaore when I get there. With time, with time. That's what I keep telling me that at least. Alright!! The time has come!!! Next time I send an email, I'll be in ROMANIA!!!!!!!!! I love you all!!! Be safe and be happy!!! God knows and loves you!

Yours Truly,
Sora Hovey
Role teaching night!!

Rachel Finlayson!!!!! (Eliza's cousin) Going to thailand!

"blue" day

Companion pics

Companion pics

Companion pics

Companion pics

DOn't even ask.....a sister had some food that looked like chicken feed to me so I pretended to be a chicken......I guess it had been a really long day?

Getting my daily dose of Vitamin D (with some har dee har harers in the background)

Party in our room ( I was really tired so they were handing me food up into my bed)

A platypus our teacher drew

oh and the one in our regular clothes was service ( we have it every wednesday at 6 in the morning.......)

Zone Sister Pics

Zone Sister Pics

I was a host for the incoming missionaries today!! in the rain!!! But still so fun :)
Us and our investigator, Junici from Japan!!!! ( we teach him in English)