Week 3 at MTC

Dear Family-

Omygosh that picture is so embarrassing. I look like a man. Thanks. hahah anyway....
 (note from mom---this is the picture of Char that Andrew thought was "epic" and we sent to Char.)

Epic picture taken by Marybeth/cropped by Andrew-Duxbury Beach Northeast Wind!
So on Halloween I thought I'd be clever and dress up as an Elder (still wearing a skirt of course.) You can see what I looked like in the pics. It wasn't too long before I got talked to and told to change....nice try, right? I still kept up the Halloween Spirit though! Our zone ended up having a mini party that night with candy and popcorn and stuff as we were having personal language study so it was pretty fun. I also got an awesome package from Elder Young!! It made me so happy :)

Elder Hovey 1

Elder Hovey 2

Elder Hovey 3
 I can't believe it's November already!!! Daylight Savings Day was really nice since we got that extra hour of sleep in. Time really needs to slow down. I'm actually starting to get a little nervous about leaving for Romania...GAHHH!!!!! It's crazy!!! I feel like I kind of hit a plateau with the language and learning this week, but that's given me more motivation to work even harder in the upcoming weeks!

I had a late night adventure the other day because a Sister from the room next to ours locked the whole room out when they were showering. I had to run to the main building and get a spare key for them which was pretty fun actually since we don't get too many adventures from day to day here hahah. The days are so long and busy....One of my journal entries from the other day is like 2 sentences and said I'm exhausted. And I'm getting fat. The end. hahahah. That's not TOTALLY true, although I did weigh myself the other day and was not very happy with the number haha. Oh well. I actually sneezed really hard last night and the button flew off the back of my skirt. Yep. That's pretty embarrassing. 

It snowed the other day!! So crazy. I hate the snow. Apparently it's like 70 degrees in Romania though, so I'm hoping it doesn't get to the extreme colds till later in the year. 
Snow in the Mountains!

Cold Day in Provo

Group Chapsticking??
I saw Elder McGill a ton this week, which is always nice. We actually sat in rows right next to each other for a devotional the other night.  Ahh....there are lots of goood times. Funny things, sad things, stressful things, everything!!!! it's so great!!! I just wish that pday was more of a break! I'm always so rushed!!! Speaking of which, my time is running out on the comps, yet again (we're only allowed 60 minutes total, including reading, answering, as well as sending our Branch President a weekly email. GAHH!!!) Sorry to anyone I don't get the chance to email this week!!! :( I love you all and hope you enjoyed hearing about my week!!! La revedere!!

 Yours Truly, 
Sora Hovey
Romania 1

Romania 2

On Tippytoes to reach Romania
 (note from mom:  Charlotte said she didn't even remember doing this...that she thinks she was trying to scare people. :)  )
What's in there?

Scaring People

Just like a little girl...in the Lost and Found bin...