Week 2 at MTC

Dear Fam!!

Love the pics!!!!! A lot!!!!! (you look great mom.) And Nic- you look so awesome! Can't believe you're so grown up!!

Thanks Mom and Auntie Sue for all the DearElders this week. They really make my day SO much better. Thanks for the letter Grace. And the notes from Seminary kids! I love you! Thank you to Zellers and Seminary for my package! I love it!!!!!!! I'm rocking the Red Sox shirt rigfht now! Thank you Pres and Sister Smith for your package!!! The Elders in my District gobbled those cookies up before I even saw them...well they did leave me one ;) hahahah

Well week two hasn't been AS exciting as week one. But a lot harder. We've been doing a lot of grammar this week (BLEHHHHH) so my head literally feels like it's about to spin off half the time.  I do have "Our Purpose" (Scopul Nostru) And the First vision (Prima visione) memorized, as well as prayers, and I can bear my testimony in Romanian as well. I can understand and speak...mostly haha. Gym time is pretty fun. I usually play volleyball with the elders and I got pummeled pretty bad the other day hahah. I'm pretty much the worst player that's ever been to the MTC, no joke. 

One of my investigators, Junichi, asked me if I was Japanese and if I was 12 the other day...okay? He was Japanese so it was weird hahaah. We had a stress management class which would have been good....if it hadn't been completely in Romanian???! Who's idea was that??! If anything, it made me MORE stressed hahaha. Some Elder sang a beautful version of "Nearer My God to Thee" in church on Sunday. It made me think of Grandpa. I know he's watching over me here so it was pretty comforting. 

I sing in the MTC choir which is a really cool experience. We sang "Be Still My Soul" at a devotional last night. The speaker was a general authority- Carlos A Godoy. He was really funny and made me feel so much better about speaking the language!!! Oh funny story. So I was prescribed traveler's diarrhea pills before I left...and I thought it was a thing so I was talking about them with my District. Apparently nobody else has them so naturally I was like, YES!! You all are going to be suffering while I'm perfectly fine!! SO now it's an ongoing joke about Sora Hovey and her "potty pills." Oh well....hahahah. You gotta laugh here because if you don't, you'll probably just end up crying. And I do. A lot. But it's so awesome! The days seriously blend together the time is going so fast. This week has been a huge eyeopener of how different my life is now. How little worldly things matter. Worldly problems. As Gordon B Hinckleys father said. "Forget yourself and go to work." And that's exactly what I'm trying to do!! I love you all so much!! Thanks again for your love and support and I'll talk to you all next week!!! :)

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey

Saw Tyler again!

Red Sox shirt from the Zellers--how appropriate!

Getting tired of the "short" jokes

Beautiful Provo Temple

Surori in my District

The tallest Elder in my District

Sweets care package from the Smiths!

I love my Companions

Surori and Sorelle in my Zone