Week 1 at MTC

Hi! I love you all SOOO much. Thanks for the letters/emails/ dearelders. Please send more!!!!! I love getting mail (we get to open the mail everyday.) Okay so my time here in the MTC has been in a word: CRAZY!! I have learned more in one week than I feel like I've learned my whole life. Seeing the Roskelleys was so awesome even though I only got to see them for a little bit. I ended going to bed at like 2 am my time the night before reporting, but I DID get to sleep in the next morning so that was nice. They took me out to lunch then kicked me to the curb!!!

Getting off the Plane!

Heading to Baggage Claim with the Roskelleys

Where are my suitcases?

Visiting the Provo Temple while I wait for my reporting time

Bye!  Thanks to the Roskelleys!  (here's the pic you asked for, mom!)

No turning back, now!  I'll have a tag on in the next picture!

  Day one was so overwhelming. I dropped my stuff off at my room then picked up my books then was thrown into a classroom with teachers all speaking at me and asking me questions....completely in Romanian. Yeah. This was in the first 15 minutes of my arrival, mind you. I was completely in shock and...yeah. The rest of the day, they continued to speak only in Romanian. We did some workshops at night then crashed into bed. I slept REALLY well that night. Then up the next morning at 6:15!! Most mornings we have gym time at either 6 or 6:25 so I've gotten less than 8 hours of sleep every night I've been here, which is bad......you know hahah. My roommates refer to me as the hulk waking up every morning. I feel so bad for them hahah. I am actually in a trio companionship with Sora Tanner and Sora Bishoff, both AMAZING girls and both from Utah. Mostly everyone here is haha. The food is great and the Spirit here is just so strong and I love it!!!

My district (group of people going to Romania) includes 5 sisters and 4 Elders. We are such a great group. We love to have fun and laugh a lot but know how to crack down and get to business. I contribute to the "fun" part more than I should sometimes hahah but hey!! I'm still the same person right?! I'm not a robot.

All the Elders and Sisters going to Romania with me

We usually have 6+ hours everyday of Romanian study. The teachers continue to speak all in Romanian, with very few exceptions. I can hold a conversation in Romanian now, and I say my prayers in mostly Romanian hahah. It hard. It's been so frustrating but I have faith that it will keep getting better. I'm so stressed right now because I'm running out of time!!! Ahh!!!! I saw Tyler finally!!! It was on Sunday on our temple walk. It's so nice to get to walk around the temple grounds every Sunday.

I saw Tyler on the Temple grounds!

I was also called on the spot to give a talk in front of my whole zone (the 25 or so Italy bound Elders and Sisters plus our Romanian group.) THAT was nerve wracking. The sisters and I also sang a musical number AND I am  the Branch Music Leader (I lead the music too) so it was kind of the Sora Hovey show last Sunday. 
I have an AMAZING story. Okay so on Friday, a miracle happened. It was about halfway through the day in the middle of class I started to get this REALLY sharp pain in my upper stomach it felt like. It got to the point where it was pretty unbearable and my companions convinced me to go to the health clinic. The Nurse had no idea what to do with me so she called in the doctor who have me some numbing liquid and some antacids. When the pain was still there he gave me some meds and said to call him in an hour and if the pain wasn't gone, he was sending me to the hospital. He said he was pretty sure it was my appendix or gall bladder. As I left the pain started to get WORSE. I started to panic because I didn't want to miss classes and days to get surgery, etc. My companions told me that I should get a blessing of healing. We asked the Elders in our district to give me the blessing. It was their first time so they were pretty nervous but it was so amazing. Elder Bonner blessed me through Heavenly Father that He knew the desire of my heart for this to go away. That He knows my faith and that it it was His will, I would be healed. I am not kidding you, as I got up, the unbearable pain disappeared. I could NOT stop crying. Heavenly father heard my prayer and I was able to exercise my faith and be healed! I was so amazed and so grateful that I was now able to continue on with no pain, even to this day!

I am so grateful to be a missionary. I have learned so much and will continue to grow and learn in the next 18 months. I know that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ suffered and died for every single person who has ever lived and will yet live. I am so grateful to know the truthfulness of Christ's gospel and help people discover and grow closer to Him! I love everyone so much and hopefully you enjoy my pictures. One of my favorite quotes from a speaker this week is " Go from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm!" Life is hard. But it can be so joyful and full of enthusiasm, if you make it that way!! Love you! La revedere!!!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey

Lunch at the MTC

Romanian Class


My Nametag
"I'm a Missionary!"

My two TALL companions

My mom has no idea how to explain this picture to you...

My Comp

The Surori in my District

Our Door